my work

On a mission to build futuristic technology products while also educating the next generation of developers. Here's a summary of what I've worked so far.

Developer Relations Engineer

I joined early to grow the Software Engineering Insights module and our developer community. I lead our Developer Relations team to teach our community about our products.

  • In 2022, I joined Harness as a Community Engineering Intern for the Harness CI module. We translated customer insights back into the product roadmap. We led the PLG motion at Harness focussing on contributing back to the open source community. We spoke at conferences, wrote blog posts, and created videos. We built open-source examples and contributed back to the product.
  • In 2023, I was promoted to Developer Relations Engineer, now also leading the SEI product content & documentation. I built and maintained the Propels automation framework and spear-headed AI powered customer support using the Harness AIDA model.

Since I joined in 2022, I have built and maintained custom Drone CI Plugins and Spotify Backstage plugins for Harness CI (Nexus, GAR etc) and IDP. I also led the development of the Harness AI Pipeline Studio using GPT-3 model of Open AI, Pinecone and Langchain to generate Harness Next-Gen pipeline YAML using user prompts.


Developer Relations Engineer - Internship (2021-2022)

Commudle is a platform for facilitating engagements between DevRels and developers. I joined the founding team of Commudle and built the Developer Experience team. Since I joined Commudle, the active developers in platform have grown exponentially, now at 82,000 developers with close to 260+ communities.

  • During my internship I mentored developers for improving build support in the Commudle platform framework.
  • We hosted and sponsored various meetups and conferences including managing YouTube Streams on DevOps Days and educated developers about the Commudle ecosystem.